Our Mother of Mercy Federal Credit Union
4000 Sumpter St. Suite A Houston, Texas 77020

Contact Us

Phone: (713) 675-3000

Fax: (713) 675-3433

Email: info@ourmotherofmercyfcu.com


Business Hours

Sunday - 8:30am-12:30pm
Tuesday - Noon - 6:00pm
Wednesday - 1:00 - 8:00pm
Friday - 10:00am -2:00pm



Services We Offer

Share Draft Program- The credit union will offer regular share draft to all regular share account holders in good standing. Organizational and commercial accounts may qualify. Direct deposit users are encouraged, Direct Deposit is not a pre-requisite.

All regulations and restrictions of a regular share account will apply to the share draft accounts.

A minimum of $100 is required to open a share draft account.

Share draft accounts are not investment accounts, therefore no dividends will be paid.


Qualifications for Opening Share Draft Account:

  • Direct Deposit
  • Stable employment
  • Members must be 18 years old to open a share draft account
  • Same criteria as that applying for a loan
 Financial Products and Services Description
 Consumer Loans Secured (15%) and Unsecured (18% ceiling)
 Savings Account No annual fee, $25 minimum deposit
 Auto Loans (new) Low competitive rates, up to 120% of MSRP, 10% down payment required
 Auto Loans (used) Low competitive rates, 10% down payment, annual refinancing promotions
 Share Certificates $500 minimum Dividends pay every six months on accounts with minimum $50 balance. Variable terms 6 mths = .25%; 12 mths = .50%; 24 mths = .75%; 36 mths = 1.00%
 Share Draft (Checking) Linked to internet banking
 Secured Loans Direct deposit, share, payroll deductions, other collateral
 Overdraft Lines of Credit For share draft customers
 Direct Deposit (ACH) For members
 Discounted Auto Purchase Services Referral and underwriting service for members purchasing new and used autos. 123car.com and Auto Connection Plus
 Discounted Auto Insurance Brokerage and Referral 1 to 1 for members receiving auto loans. Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) insurance
 Mortgage Loan Referral and Assistance Referrals to CUNA (Credit Union National Association) for low-interest mortgage terms for members with no origination fees
 Money Orders, Wire Transfers, Title Transfers Miscellaneous relationship builders. No cost to members
 Notary Service Free to members maintaining minimum balance
 Pre-Loan Counseling Requirement for persons receiving loans from CU
 Post Loan Counseling and Troubled Debt-restructuring (TDR) Advice, counseling, and (sometimes) restructuring for delinquent clients
 Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA)  Free tax preparation for low income families. 50 client families per year.