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You are an important part of the family that makes up the membership of our credit union. But you may not know that your own family is part of our credit union family as well – and can become members, too.


New laws and rules recently enacted make it clear that your own family members are eligible for credit union membership. The new rules ensure that both immediate family members and household members by nature of their close relationships to you, should be entitled to join a credit union based on their BOND WITH YOU.


Under the new rules, family members include:


  • Your spouse and children
  • Your parents, brothers and sisters
  • Your stepchildren and stepparents
  • Your grandchildren, grandparents


In your household, too - All members of your household (that is, those persons living under your roof) can now become credit union members. That means any person sharing a residence as part of a single family unit, including domestic partners and others who live together as part of a family unit. An individual may be considered to be living in the same household although he or she is temporarily absent from the residence, such as children in college or in the military.


Your Family Benefits - When your family members join our credit union, they immediately become eligible for the same great benefits you’ve come to enjoy: Low interest-rate loans, higher return on savings, low or no service fees, personalized service, federally insured savings and ownership in our credit union. Importantly, your family will transact its financial business at a place that puts service first. As member owners, your family members will be treated fairly and equitably.

Check with us for details on membership eligibility.


America’s Choice - You family now has the right to choose its provider of financial services. If your family is looking for a financial institution that emphasizes service, offers affordable loans, provides a good return on savings and ensures all-around fair benefits – our credit union is the choice for your family.

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